Drool Rat

The Drool Rat was a designed creature native to only certain lower sections of Lemuria. The Drool Rats were created by the rogue Bhangi-Sant Reconciled Symmetry for the Zenith Celebration in the year 600, just before the Anticlerical movement began. She used material collected from the spittoons of Noble gambling houses and spliced it with common rats. This was done in such a way that the Drool Rats, as they were quickly called, possessed certain facial similarities to unpopular nobles and priests. Ten-thousand rats of 25 different types were released into the city.

Public opinion at the time suggested that the gradual decline in the facial symmetry and resulting unappealing countenances of the noble classes were a result of disfavor from the gods and corruption. Seeing the shame and impurity of the nobles displayed for anyone to see on the faces of common rats was both a political statement of the highest order and a deft display of craftsmanship. Of course, the creatures were a huge success, and many were caught and displayed in cages long after the Zenith Celebration. The most popular Drool Rat strains were the Big Crooked Nose, Saggy Baggy Jowels and Unfortunate Splotchy Hair Loss.

Unfortunately for Reconciled Symmetry, her identity as the creator of these walking parodies quickly reached the rat's templants, and she was executed for her crimes against Great Houses. Her actions also led to the wholesale reconstruction of the genetic lines of those in question, and the resulting perfection in appearance soon had all of the noble houses clamoring for the services of the Bhangi-Sant, even while their status in society and politics plummeted.

Much to the chagrin of the Nobles, many of the Drool Rats began to breed with the regular rats. Over the course of a few short generations, it was observed that most of the modifications stuck, being mostly cosmetic in nature. The resulting Drool Rat bloodlines carried these constant reminders of the past until Lemuria itself was no more.

Scribed this day by Samraat Monish, Keeper of the Book

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