A dog is a furred quadruped, superficially resembling the jackal, or the wolves of the northern lands. It is malodrous, loud, and undignified; an abomination in the eyes of gods and right thinking men. They feed on scraps and detritus, enjoying no nourishment more than their own vomit and solid waste. Dogs, in those cultures debauched enough to use them, serve as guards, hunters, companions, and food. They are fawning to those who are strong, but turn savagely on those they percieve as weak - an unmistakble pointer to their origins.

The dog was first created in Ultima Thule, derived from the native wolves that roam that frozen and inhospitable land. It quickly spread to the other so-called hyperculture of the world where they were increasingly manipulated in form and spirit. Elte of the Anki spent many years in a Thulan star-library, and was able to witness the initial creation of the dog. His words speak of its origins,

"Lomar is famous among even the cold-hearted Thule as a place where heartless investigation supplants and oppresses the warm virtues of men. This is seen most clearly in the latest unholy creation of their biomancers - a breaking of the spirit of the wolf. By selecting those animals that are most cowardly and least inimical to men, and only allowing them to breed, they have created a mockery of their holiest animal and called it good. They speak now of manipulating not just its spirit but its very body - dwarf wolves for hunting badgers, long-haired wolves for making clothing, unnaturally long-legged wolves for racing and gambling. It sickens my heart to see these impassive monsters wreak their will upon lower forms."

One of the few times Elte was known to speak well of any beast.

Each hyperculture followed up with this desecration with works of their own, no culture with more vigor than Lemuria. They performed such evils with such regularity that they concocted a specific term for it - "domestication". Today, this "domestication" has spread beyond those lost and unmourned lands, and wherever a culture has strayed from the words of the Gods and Those Who Dwell these works continue.

Today, there are fourteen known types of dog. It is said that Atlantis was even breeding a wolf to hunt Cloud-Striders. The Lomaran dream come horrificially true.

Ae of the Third Eye, Sacred Gudg of Yereho

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