Deluge Catechism

The Deluge Catechism, the key text of the muvian Armageddon Cults is quite possibly one of the most unusual artifacts of the previous age. This tome, suggesting that the ultimate fate of all civilizations is consumption by the sea, contains a series of guidelines for determining when exactly such a dread fate is immanent, and how it is possible for those who keep to the strictures within to survive to essentially begin civilization over again.

Unusually, the Deluge Catechism has no singular author or writing style, and instead appears to be cobbled together from multiple accounts. A slightly damaged copy of the tome exists within the library of the Shining Isles, and my fellow Observant Magi have consulted it several times. Although it is theoretically possible that some of the signs have come to pass for the civilizations of our age, it is quite frankly, highly unlikely that history is repeating itself. Ethical Mathematics quite obviously show that it would take a slide into decadence of truly epic proportions for the 5th and 9th signs to occur, and with proper moral guidance, these will not occur.

Unfortunately, due to laws involving re-writing of pre-cataclysm texts, I am unable to list the signs. However, if contacted in private, I can make a specific request to the Department of Holy and Profane texts for an exemption.

written by Relti Cyen Hri, radiant soul of the 4th isle, and child of Tessliae

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