Cymeria was the smallest outpost that Atlantis established upon foreign soil. A veritable hamlet compared to the massively architected cities that formed most Atlantean trading outposts, it was initially intended as nothing more than a guard post where a small revolving staff of Atlantean military would monitor the activities of the barbarian tribes of nearby Vanaheim and Hyperborea.

Sadly, after the Atlantean cataclysm, the hastily assembled flotilla that carried most lucky survivors from the sinking protocontinent came to light in Cymeria, it being the only outpost close enough for their makeshift crafts to reach. The scant infrastructure provided to the meager outpost left it wholly inadequate to preserve their technology or even support the vast numbers of refugees; thousands died as they were forced to scrabble out an existence in a land of dense, predator-filled forests and looming mountains prone (as all large mineral formations are, due to their inherent malevolence) to lethal rockslides.

Today, a scant few generations removed from the downfall of Atlantis, the majority of the technology and civilization of that great nation is lost to its sons and daughters in Cymeria, who are only discernable from the neighboring barbarian tribes by the dark hair and blue eyes characteristic of the Atlantean stock.

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