Choras is the practice of lizard fighting, brought out from the sordid ports and caravansera of Nyaminate by the debauched Balthus the Eunuch. Like Megrim Baiting, Choras is a low sport, the crudest sort of blood sport, that is bizarrely favored by those of high birth. Advocates of Choras claim it is a benediction to T'math, but this is self-evidently blasphemous.

Two agamid lizards are placed in a shallow pit, divided by a partition. When the partition is raised, the lizards often undergo a startling transformation. This is the first opportunity for betting - the onlookers wager as to how the lizards will react to the sudden intrusion of an invader. At times, the scaled beasts will simply ignore one another, other times, they will attempt to engage in coitus, and in still others, one or both of the agamids will do battle. This last is the outcome most desired by the lowlives and blood seekers attending.

Upon seeing an intruder, those combative lizards undergo a startling transformation. The lizards' heads color the brown of dried blood, and lines of leprous white spots form along their mid-section. The combatants are known to batter one another about the head with their tails, and it is said that in moonlit choras battles, they will also tear at one another with sharp teeth. This biting is only found at night, and is most likely attributed to spirits of malice and aggression drawn by the blood lust in the observing crowds. These battles, unlike those of men (whose minds are clouded by hubris and deceit), do not last until death, but rather until one agamid acknowledges the other as its superior and flees to the dubious safety of its master's sack.

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