Bitumin Accord

The Bitumin Accord is notable as one of the Atlantean Parlet's final legislative acts. Proposed by Caric Bitumin as a compromise between the Ternion and Blood Purist factions, it established a Ministry of Cleanliness and Sanctity funded by compulsory tithing from the outborn. The accord sparked outrage and controversy in Atlantis' final days, with many prominent foreigners (crucially Muvian aesthete Ventra Talem) labeling it "the final straw."

Protestation of the Accord

The remaining texts describe countless acts of vandalism and violence following the accord's passage. The baths were particularly popular targets, for both symbolic and practical reasons. At least four Blood Purist discussion groups lost all members in "tainted bath" incidents.

Violence against the outborn was also likely to have been substantial, but records of these incidents, if indeed they were recorded, have not survived.


Curiously, most contemporary histories of the great city's collapse make no mention of the political upheavals of its final days. Most look to naturalistic or thaumaturgical explanations for The Event, ignoring the rise of the Blood Purists and Anhedonists and the intensification of Atlantist rhetoric. In what can only be described as a personal mission to dissemble, "leading" Atlantean scholar Katos Vituper has publicly dismissed calls to consider a possible political motivation for Atlantis' downfall as "silly." Increasingly, however, more and more scholars are demanding to know the truth about Atlantis' collapse, and the truth cannot be concealed forever.

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