Bastard Tyrants

Although some historians paint the rise of Anticlericalism as if it were some beginning of a golden age of rational thought within Lemurian society, it is only because they are willing to shamelessly overlook the reign of the Bastard Tyrants, which any proper scholar will recall is referenced in many text as one of the worst periods of Lemurian history. Freed from any sort of truly divine oversight of rule, the leadership of Lemuria descended into debauchery and outright blasphemy. The people of Lemuria weathered this dark time with an admirable stoicism, till the Red music uprising occurred, and the holy songs were once again sung within the halls of power. However, the people spoke with purity far too late, and the last of the Three Curses of Lemuria came to be, dooming what had once been one of the very pillars of the civilized world, and leaving us to only now, recapture its greatness.

The Bastard Tyrants themselves, beginning with Javatri the False Tongue, and ending with the so called Summer Prince, were so named due to the fact that marriage, being a ceremony made true by the gods is out of the realm of atheist fools. As such, each of the Bastard Tyrants was born out of wedlock, deserving such an appellation for more than their abominable politics.

Although in early years, the priestly caste were more than willing to accept the now secular nature of rulership, it is known now amongst the learned that the supposed drop in numbers amongst the priestly caste was in fact, due to the priests hiding their numbers in wait for the eventual fall of the secular government of the Bastard Tyrants, a fall which unfortunately came not nearly soon enough.

edited by Relti Cyen Hri, radiant soul of the 4th isle, and child of Tessliae

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