Aznila's Folly

Taken from Discussions of a Post-Societal Stage of Civilization by Hybrax, Dtothes, & Toogee.

A remnant of the great bridge leading from Bandaiyan to the notable lost continent of Mu. After the "collapse" of that continent's society, Aznila's Folly, a great eight-lane roadway, remained behind. Due to the nature of Mu's disappearance, the bridge could no longer serve its original purpose, and was instead used as a mixture of Muvian refugee camp and fishing village, making it perhaps the last Muvian colony to be founded on record.


Prior to the disappearance of Mu, Aznila's Folly was felt to be an extravagance by the 2.3 million population of Mu. Nearly 89 miles between Bandaiyan and Mu were crossed by its length. Heavily funded by the actions of Muvian Diet official Aznila, after its completion, her constituents raised such an uproar over her misappropriation of funds meant for their area that Aznila was forced to flee to the island-chain of Aotearoa.

From the works of Anatjari Toogee.

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