Armageddon Cults

Ironically the people of Mu had fair warning of the demise of that once great nation, though it was duly ignored due to the somewhat unorthadox source. Armageddon Cults flourished in the last century before Mu's demise, with representation thought to account for 10% of the population in final days of the Muvian civilisation.

Elaborate scripture, charismatic Priest Kings and a sincere belief and desperation of their membership worked in the favour of many of these death cults. Public debate, reading of prophecy and in the later years formal planning meetings were common and created a spectacle that drew the public eye leading to the growing populace of each group. The Muvian Forums and ample public marketplaces provided an ideal canvassing medium for the causes of each group and provided the stage for the majority of these gatherings as investment in temples was considered folly in light of the prophecised armageddon.

Unlike Apocalypticism seen in other cultures the Muvian Armageddon Cults emphasised not an end of the world, or enlightenment on Earth; but instead cited the fall of Atlantis as the ongoing fate of the people of Mu. In light of the fall of Mu the source of this knowledge is of intense interest to scholars today who hope to predict our demise with similar accuracy.

Source of knowledge

The Muvian public record on a number of these cults include references to Atlantean texts and divine prophecy though no evidence of either has been uncovered and it is pondered that the authorities may have destroyed their assets in an attempt to pacify the populace.The Deluge Catechism in particular is discussed multiple times and is thought to be the primary source of these pseudo-religions.

Of all the cults that followed this codex The Enlightened Exodus is the most famous, though perhaps not the largest, they were certainly the most organised and tales exist of public displays of detailed engineering diagrams for elaborate transportation devices. Intriguingly they appear to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the final days before the fall of Mu, though no sightings of their transport device were ever seen and it is not known if it was ever completed.

Lady Illdrinn

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