Alkemy Of The Soul

A truly barbaric practice, surely to bring ruin unto the people of the Shining Isles. Discovered by Estrisus the Fat, a minor functionary of the Council of Speakers, given so few responsibilities that he could concern himself with such perversions, this process takes the souls of the base, be they murderers, adulterers, or foreigners, and transforms them into a pure state. Although a noble end, doing so through mystic processes is tampering in the godly realm, and as such, can only bring down the wrath of the Maidens Wreathed in Shadow and Poison, much like what befell thrice cursed Lemuria.

In practice, the procedure is deceptively simple. An individual with a soul judged impure is placed between two crystals, one cut to absorb corruption, the other to radiate virtue. From all accounts, the process is painful in the extreme, the soul of the unfortunate participant literally torn to pieces, and then reassembled, with shards of the radiant crystal replacing all that has been absorbed by the corrupted stone. It is most certainly worth noting that the Council of Speakers refuses to say what is done with the corrupted stones in the aftermath of the process, as they are most certainly not reusable. It is this scholar's sad belief that consuming the corruption of others has become a deviant pastime amongst the wealthy young speakers of the council, and as such the process should be stopped. Both out of a sense of religious obligation, and to prevent political ruin.

Individuals who have undergone such a process appear to be respectable citizens, however some unusual traits have been noticed. Although improper behavior appears to be all but impossible for one who has had their soul "purified", and in the case of foreigners, their appearance becomes that of a proper Isles citizen, their behavior becomes almost rote, with little room for innovation or creativity. Also, in the case of purified foreigners, there is a sameness of appearance that can make differentiating between several of them an exercise in pure frustration.

edited by Relti Cyen Hri, radiant soul of the 4th isle, and child of Tessliae

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