It is said that beyond the kingdoms of thrice-cursed Lemuria, in those wet and stinking lowland islands formerly controlled by the atheist tyrants of Mu, there is a race of hairy goblins, called in the language of the godless, Aeibin. The Aeibin are a subhuman race, believed to have lived in squalor since before even Qek showed men how to befriend the jackal. Today, they are but a remnant, a degenerate tribe of squatters and tide-pickers. Elte of the Anki is reported to have washed up in their lands and lived among them for many years, and his writings, now lost, were consumed with disdain for these savages.

The common Aeibin is childlike in size, standing barely 50 uban in height, with malformed heads, stretched and flattened in most unflattering ways. They are a hairy people, infested with vermin and lice. They subsist primarily on those dead things which wash upon their shores, although they are not above stealing from true men. Their greatest heroes are renowned for slaying the dwarf stegodons which share their islands. Elte, quoted by his student Ameilik, spoke at length upon their teeth - "They have great yellow boulders in their mouths, foul with rot, gnashing and clacking at all times. Unlike the precise tools in the mouths of true men, shaped by the gods for their purpose, the Aeibin simply have hard extrusions of their gums, unfit for any but the most uncouth and barbarous of tasks. They have difficulty making even the most rudimentary of words, speaking with less ability than the most feral child."

Elte reports that instead of making words, producing the divine breath, the Aeibin communicate through flapping their hands and gesticulating in a barbarous fashion. The wise do not believe all that comes to us from the Second Age. He claims that they tell stories of their ancestors, who were giants, standing more than twice the height of the Aeibin now. These tales of their stature are the most awe-inspiring thing about their ancestors that an Aeibin can conceive.

Following the righteous and inevitable fall of Mu, it is reported that the warlord Xe-hnu attempted to use the Aeibin as murderers, sending the goblins slipping into his enemies' camps to slay their own warlords in their beds, rather than in battle. This is surely a fabrication, as all other reports of the Aeibin emphasize their weakness and stupidity.

edited by Ae of the Third Eye, Sacred Gudg of Yereho

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