A Scholar and warrior of Atlantis, Aegea divided her time equally studying ancient lore and honing her skills in battle. She was said to be a very tall woman, with black hair and bronze skin. Aegea was renowned for her use with a bow. She is credited with fashioning arrows that would strike unerringly and knock her prey senseless without killing them, thus enabling her and her crew to take captives silently.

Martial History

As with many of Atlantis' resident upper class, Aegea was tasked to bring "volunteers" back to Atlantis for slave labor as part of her annual taxes. Her ship, "First Arrow Of Battle" sailed the seas near the end days of Atlantis, preying on costal communities and other ships at sea. It is almost certain that she was out on a slave gathering mission when Atlantis sunk. She and her warriors settled in a new area, preserving their martial traditions but quickly forgetting much of their advanced lore within a few generations. The only sophisticated knowledge they kept were in the areas of surgery, hygiene, and the manufacture of bows and arrows.

Scholarly Achievements

As a scholar, she is credited with proving the folly inherent in the theory of Root Races, which had long held sway over many of the more unenlightened members of Altantean society. She was also a master of mathematics, tides, ocean currents, fluid dynamics, the motion of heavenly bodies, and the use of cowries in savory fritters. This, however, is merely the public face of someone who dabbled in the arcane secrets so inscrutable only a handful dared to seek them. In addition to the above items, it was rumored that she performed human sacrifice and consorted with unnamable gods and extra-earthly beings. Regardless of the truth of those things, it is known that she unlocked the rites needed to use The Shining Trapezohedron to open up extra-dimensional spaces, though which she searched for more forgotten and forbidden lore. Rumors abound that she used this device to bring about the end of Atlantis in retaliation for a political humiliation, but given her apparent distance from the island at the time of its demise, this theory withers when held up to the light of truth.

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