Welcome to the Lexicon of the Lost Age

This is a Lexicon game edited by cappadocius, and played by a number of friends and friends of friends from the internet.

Players are scholar-savants from that brief bloom of civilization between the catastrophes that sank Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu, and the Younger Dryas, documenting the glorious history and wonders of their Golden Age.

Players will make one entry per letter (and an "about the authors" entry at the end). Each entry, B-X will have two citations to an as-yet unwritten "ghost" entry, and one citation to a previously written entry - players may NEVER cite themselves. A, Y, and Z are special cases, as addressed in the rules, and in the player's information section below.

In order to ensure people don't double up on a single entry once we have "phantom" citations that need to be written up, we will ask people "claim" citations using the "first cited" placeholder entries. Simply stake a claim, or pick up an unclaimed entry when we get to that letter.


  1. Apparently, you're not going to do D. So, for those who are still interested, the letter E begins today (02/14/08)! You have one week to complete E entries!
  2. Don't forget that you need to make one citation back to a previous entry in your E entry, in addition to the two citations to phantom entries.
  3. Sign your entries! Your Wikidot ID is not necessarily your "character", but your entries should be signed by that character.
  4. Tag your entries! Tags help me with the "Entries by Category" option.
  5. Entries have a minimum length of 100 words. There is no upper limit, but remember this is an encyclopedia, not your character's masterpiece thesis.
  6. Play in the Sandbox if you want to experiment with wiki formatting
  7. The Editors reserve the right to copyedit and fix code in your entries
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